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Saturday, 2015

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Hey GOOD Lookin!

Congratulations!  So you have decided to have a new baby!  This life changing event is a lifelong journey that will fill you with happiness and joy.  It is a good idea to plan your baby’s birth date so you can prepare your pockets, your body and your mind.  

Being prepared with free baby stuff can help make the process easier and less stressful.  Planning is the responsible thing to do and you can teach your child through example as they get older how to plan and be a responsible person. 

Some aspects of pregnancy though cannot be controlled.  Did you know there are things to do to increase chances of getting pregnant in your desired and targeted time frame?  Let me share the secrets!  I will also give you secrets to getting free baby stuff like free baby clothes and free baby samples.  After all, if you plan it properly, you will have the time to get as much free baby products as possible and this will allow you to have more money in your pocket for a relaxing vacation perhaps for just you and your honey before the birth of your bundle of joy and some time to pamper yourself at the spa or a shopping day just for mom. 

Secret # 1: What’s your target due date?  There are factors that can influence this date like work or travel.  Do you want to have a winter baby so you don’t have to sweat during those steamy summer months? 

Secret # 2: What is the gestational time frame for pregnancy?  Pregnancy is typically 40 weeks and is measured from your last period until birth.  A full term baby 36 weeks.  Your baby can be born up to 2 weeks past this date, even later.  There is only a small percentage of women who give birth on their actual due date so be prepared by taking advantage of free baby stuff offers in case your baby is ready early!

Secret # 3: Discuss factors with loves ones and family that may delay your predetermined time frame.  Decide with your partner what you will do if that time frame is not met and you are not prego by that date.  Will you stop trying?  Will you get an IUD or take birth control?  Will you just let it happen as it will?  You can still stock up on free baby stuff items- it can’t hurt and when the time comes you will be fully prepared and stocked up on free baby diapers and free baby products like free baby samples

These are just some of the ways to plan your baby’s birth date and get free baby stuff.  There are more, of course, but whether you plan the date or just let it happen, you are going to be happy either way!


Congratulations! The pregnancy test reads positive: You’re pregnant!

Despite what you may have been told about early pregnancy, this is when the fun starts!  The gatherings, get-togethers and celebrations start.  You can’t wait to reveal the news to your loved ones.  Some may wait a while, some will tell as soon as they find out.  Wondering what the next step is?  Besides taking advantage of free baby stuff offers, here’s a fun and handy list of to-do’s when you find out you have a baby on the way!

Make an appointment with your doctor!

Make that prenatal appointment- resist the urge to wait.  Some doctors may make you wait until you miss 2 periods and others insist that you come ASAP.  Even if your appointment is not right away, be sure to ask your nurse, doctor or midwife lots of questions or concerns about medications, symptoms or health conditions.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for your appointment, stock up on free baby stuff items.  It is fun and it will help you with the anxiousness and anxiety you may feel waiting for your very first appointment.  You can even ask your doctor for free baby samples by mail which they most likely will have a good supply of- but you have to ask!  Many people do not know this secret, but you can get some great free baby stuff items and free baby products from your local doctor!

Celebrate good times, come on!
Do celebrate but don’t do it with a glass of champagne!  Instead opt for sparkling cider or punch for your first toast to your new baby on the way.  Surprise your partner with a romantic candlelit dinner or have a big party!  Take advantage of free baby stuff items so you can start decorating and talking about your babies soon to be nursery at the party!  Share design ideas with friends and family.
Share your news with loved ones, family and friends!  Tell them about the cool free baby stuff goodies that you can get from local sponsors and partners.  Take pictures to put in your free baby stuff photo frames to show your baby when they get older.
Learn all about pregnancy by looking through books, magazines, pregnancy calendars, following your pregnancy week by week.  Sign up to receive free baby stuff at a local hospital or birth center.
Pamper yourself! Get a manicure, pedicure or massage.  Take good care of yourself by sleeping good, eating the best foods, taking vitamins (the prenatal kind), exercise and drink a lot of water!  Listen to what your body tells you.  Do take care of yourself.   Many of the free baby stuff samples will include goodies for the new mom.  You can pamper yourself for free with free baby stuff for expecting mothers.
Seek support from family, loved ones, and friends.  This is a must have for the pregnant soon-to-be mom.  With things changing so fast, having people there who care and who can provide support is essential. You will most likely have lots of questions and your group will be there to guide you, help you, answer your questions and out your mind at ease.  Share stories of pregnancy ups and downs.  Shop for free baby stuff items with your friends!
But most of all, get lots of free baby stuff and enjoy this exciting and joyful time as you anticipate the birth of your bundle of joy!
Many people desire to have twins and wonder what it takes to have twins, triplets or more!  Having multiples may be an act of fate but parents of twins say there are common factors that increased their chances of making their dream of twins a reality.  Some of these are proven and some are not.  The ones that are not proven are rooted in tradition and personal experience.

Having twins can be costly and heavy on your pockets- you may need the help of free baby stuff to get you through!

If twins run in your family, you may have them, too.  Sometimes having twins is hereditary and you may have inherited a gene from your mother or maternal grandmother.  Getting free baby stuff can lift the burden of worrying about providing for 2 or even  3!

Some say a mother is more likely to have twins if her body mass index is 30 or higher.  This only applied to fraternal twins.  Women with above average height are also more likely to give birth to twins.

Did you know that older moms are more likely to conceive multiples?  Imagine having to care for 2 or 3 babies, work a job and take care of the house?  It does not have to be overwhelming- you can take advantage of the many free baby stuff offers on this website!

25% mothers over the age of 45 have twins!  However, be weary- there are more risks associated with older mothers and the rate of miscarriage increases as well as the risk of complications and things like diabetes or abnormalities of chromosomes.

Free baby stuff periodically has giveaways for twins.  You will receive matching baby dresses and headbands and even matching shoes.

Did you know that once you have multiples you are more likely to conceive twins again!  So, be prepared to visit free baby stuff for continuous new offers of new baby items- all free!